Map Regen Generator

Generate regen entries on your maps visually over a well developed interface. Optimized with the highest amount of convenience and usability you will in love with this tool. Just load the client- and server map folder into the software to get started.

By simply drag & drop you navigate through your map, same as on a common map viewer like google maps. Zoom in or out with mouse scroll or via the interface, as you like. If you wish to only draw specific mob types like npcs, bosses or stone, you can do so. The npc view angle will be also displayed, so you never have to care about the annoying thing anymore.

Add new entries with no effort by just right clicking on a maps location. The x and y coordinates will be displayed for you anytime. Set the mob type from random groups over npcs, bosses and more! With Map Regen Generator you can easily set the spawn range, delay and percentage up to the npc view direction, mob vnum and mob count. Important data like spawn range and view direction will be visually displayed while adjustment.

With Map Regen Generator you can select desired entries on the map via drag & drop, same as files on your desktop. All selected entries will be shown in a list where you can see the mob type, vnum and position of the specific entries. If you want to delete one or all entries from the list, you can do that for sure. Of course you may adjust the spawn range and other parameters if needed.

If you are finished, you can generate your regen files by just one click. A new folder will be opened with the generated files such as regen.txt, npc.txt, boss.txt and stone.txt.

v1.0.0.0 – 21. March 2022

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