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Mob Proto Creator

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Mob Proto Creator is a new software for creating new mob entries. Via the interface, you can easily select attributes to customize your new monster or NPC.

Choose your wished monster about the *.msm file and the monster will be initialized within the software.

You can edit attributes such as level, specification, status, immunity, reduction / resistance, triggering effects, damage, defense, rewards, and status points.

Just press the Generate button and new entries will be made in your mob_names.txt, mob_proto.txt and npclist.txt files. In addition, a motlist.txt and other animation files like wait.msa etc. are automatically generated.

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Updates included yes
Support included yes

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OS Compatibility Microsoft Windows
Require Admin no
Require Internet yes


Version: | Released: 28. October 2018
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Added software release

EUR 15.00