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MSM Creator allows you to manage your "*.msm" files. This software is easy to use and well structured. You will save time and avoid frustration.

You can simply add armors to your msm file without syntax errors. It is also possible to edit already existing entries. You are able to add unlimited texture models as you require. Just drag and drop single or multiple files into the specifiec section of the gui.

If you want to add a new group, the group id will be calculated automatically by taking the next group id from the loaded file. It is so simple! Just start now and save time and keep your msm files clean.

  • Create new entries in seconds and save them into your msm files.
  • Because of our newest editing feature, you can easily customize existing entries.
  • Internal calculations make sure that you do not have to worry about numbers anymore.
  • With full pleasure, simply drag and drop textures into the interface to add them.

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Product Information Value
Updates included yes
Support included yes

Software Requirements Value
OS Compatibility Microsoft Windows
Require Admin no
Require Internet yes


Version: | Released: 05. May 2019
Type Value
Added Display Groups: load entry on double click
Added added file drag and drop feature to specific gui elements (multiples possible)
Fixed Display Groups: infinity loading when delete a group without select an item
Changed gui clears up when changing msm group
Changed minor gui elements

Version: | Released: 29. July 2018
Type Value
Added texture model list - add, remove, edit source and target files
Added "edit groups" you can edit already existing msm groups
Added new interface

Version: | Released: 21. July 2018
Type Value
Added software release

EUR 10.00