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Are you wasting too much time creating proto files? This should be your last thought about it. This software is made to make your life easier! You are able to create whole sets for several server concepts like oldschool, middleschool, newschoool and pvp servers. Do it just in minutes and without touching any proto file or sql table by hand.

Item Proto Creator handles damage, defense and bonus values by an balanced algorithm. If you plan another result you are able to adjust those algorithm calculations on the interface. In general you just have to tell the software a maximum value.

If you wish you may create profiles and groups to save and to edit your sets in the future. Item Proto Creator is able to create sets for Weapons, Armors, Helmets, Shields , Shoes, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Costumes.

In the last years we could improve the software by far. Now the application is better as before and very simple to use. You are very flexible by creating your sets. You can use included software tools like Query Viewer for sql queries and Column Manager for dynamic database tables.

Need more? Just let us know by a quick message with your improvements or wishes. We have already improved a lot of features by customer wishes.

  • Creates queries for item_proto.txt, item_names.txt, and item_list.txt, as well as all SQL queries.
  • Equipment (weapon, armor etc.) values are calculated according to an algorithm.
  • Query Viewer displays all generated queries. Text- and SQL queries can be taken easily.
  • Output Viewer shows you significant generated protos in a quick view.
  • Create profiles and groups to edit your sets later.
  • Generated sets will be automatically added or edited to your files.

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Product Information Value
Updates included yes
Support included yes

Software Requirements Value
OS Compatibility Microsoft Windows
Require Admin no
Require Internet yes


Version: | Released: 10. January 2020
Type Value
Added The whole interface has been redesigned and basically improved.
Added Added a new feature called Column Manager for dynamic text and sql columns.
Added Added defense values to algorithm system.

Version: | Released: 23. July 2019
Type Value
Added Added a new feature called Query Viewer. You are now able to see all generated queries like txt files and sql queries (insert / update) on a new gui e.g to copy/paste them.
Added Added gui tips for all controls to give a short tip about the specified functionality.
Fixed Fixed an issue where sub type didnt initialized correctly on startup.
Changed Gui is resizable now.

Version: | Released: 04. May 2019
Type Value
Added groups: You can create group names for your sets to improve filtering quality
Added item: item type including costumes: weapon, body, hair
Added upgrade: file drag and drop function for icon names (optional)
Added item: helmet, shield, foots, neck, wrist and ear to armor sub type
Added buttons for start vnum (previous vnum / next vnum / check vnum)
Added incremental value option for bonus types is now separately held
Added profile filter: Groups
Added bonus type0 to "Bonus" page (select: default bonuses and all bonuses)
Changed profile: save and create button is now separately held
Changed bonus values can be negative now (example: -5)
Changed console: expand console is now dynamically and is compatible for all categories

Version: | Released: 02. December 2018
Type Value
Added expand console to have a short overview about the results
Added new profile system to save and load all your sets separate
Added new algorithm system for calculations
Added editable item type names and improved active states for item types

Version: | Released: 16. April 2017
Type Value
Fixed attackspeed value on two hand weapons
Fixed msm value output for armor
Fixed refine start vnum
Fixed damage calculation on two hand weapons

Version: | Released: 08. April 2017
Type Value
Added software release

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